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Nails and pins

The category Nails and pins contains 20 product groups:

Round plain head nails
Surfaces: , hot-dip galvanized

Round nails with cold headed head
Surfaces: , hot-dip galvanized

Spikes for Nail-Plates

Wire nails with extra large head type B

Twist nails

Twist-fit screws

Nails for liqht-weight building slabs
Surfaces: , zinc plated Cr3+


Gutter pins

Nails for slate

Washer head steel nail

Steel wall hooks

Round steel hooks

Color pins
Surfaces: white, black, light beige, Color Nr. 3, light brown, Color Nr. 55, dark brown no. 57, medium brown, dark red brown

Steel nails for fixing skirting

Steel nails

Grooved nails

Double headed pins