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diy bags product line "ironmongery"

The category diy bags product line "ironmongery" contains 109 product groups:

Round plain head nails

Round nails with cold headed head

Round nails with cold headed head

Roofing nails


Steel nails for fixing skirting

Round head pins

Panel pins

Color pins
Surfaces: white, black, light beige, Color Nr. 3, light brown, Color Nr. 55, dark brown no. 57, medium brown

Round head pins, brass

Round head pins

glazier corners

Tack iron

Steel nails

Steel nails with brass covered head

Grooved nails

Round steel hooks

Hooked peg

Steel wall hooks

Screw hooks, bent with metric thread

Screw hooks, straight with metric thread

Screw hooks, straight

Screw hooks with slot, straight

Screw hooks, straight

Screw hooks, brass, straight


Screw hooks, curved

Screw hooks, curved

Screw hooks, brass, curved

Screw hooks, bent

Ceiling hooks

Screw hooks, bent rustic



Eye bolt with metric thread

Lifiting eye bolts

Eyebolt brass

Eyebolt rustic
Surfaces: bronzed/copper colour, black


Window stays


Spare needles for hangers

Floreat hangers

Floreat picture hooks

Spare needles for Floreat hangers

folding eyes

Nylon hooks

Adhesive eyelets (placard eyelets)

Suspension eyes with screws

Suspension bracket with screws

Eye for mirror with screws

Mirror screws, brass head

Mirror holder set, stainless steel

Piano hooks with eyelet and screw


Sash lock, plastic

Magnetic catch, 4 kg holding force, with steel counter
Surfaces: white, brown

Pronged T-nuts

Sliding pins with felt

upholstery nails
Surfaces: brass coated, nickel-plated, antique, old copper

decorative nails, hammer blow finish

Dish hook with spring

Plate hanger round

Door stops, rubber

Rubber buffers for WC seats

Pinboard pins
Surfaces: white, blue, yellow, red, green

Pinboard pins, assorted coloured

Surfaces: , brass coated, white

Key Ring

Key characteristic ring assorted colors

Key chain brass screwtop

Key rings

Sorted key rings steel

wrench for radiator air valve

Ligatures with wood screw thread and 2 holes

Rivets, countersunk head, aluminium, sorted

Rivets, countersunk head, copper, sorted

tubular rivet

Sleeve nuts brass

Sleeve nuts brass

Ball nuts, brass

Chipboard screws, countersunk head
Surfaces: zinc plated Cr3+, yellow zinc plated

Caps PZD Type 2
Surfaces: white, brown, grey, black, beige

Caps for I-star
Surfaces: RAL 9010 pure white, black, oak/light, Color Nr. 59

Bits / Blades

Chipboard screws, pan head

Wood screws with decorative head brass

wood screws, raised contersunk brass
Surfaces: , chromium-plated

Cross recessed pan head tapping screws C-H

Rosettes brass, open form

Slotted countersunk (flat) head screws class 4.8

Slotted cheese head screws class 4.8

Brass slotted raised countersunk (oval) head screws
Surfaces: , nickel-plated

Cylinder head screws with inner hex and sleeve nuts
Surfaces: brass coated, nickel-plated

Hexagon socket head set screws with cone point 45H DIN EN ISO 4027(formerly DIN 914)

Wing screws similar DIN 316

Wood to metal dowel screws with rolled wood thread

Wing screws

Hexagon domed cap nuts

Hexagon nuts class 8

Prevailing torque type hexagon nuts with non-metallic insert: low type

Splint pins

Split pins, assortment



Wahsers polyamide

Spring lock washers, with square ends or tang ends

Door washers, sorted
Surfaces: zinc plated Cr3+, brass coated

door washers
Surfaces: zinc plated Cr3+, brass coated