Wood connector programme


SIMPSON joist hangers
SIMPSON joist hangers BSIN, SIMPSON joist hangers BSN, SIMPSON joist hangers BSNN, SIMPSON joist hangers SBG, SIMPSON joist hangers (two-part), SIMPSON joist hangers BSD, SIMPSON joist hangers BSDI, SIMPSON joist hangers type S, SIMPSON joist hangers type BSI, SIMPSON joist hangers type IL

SIMPSON BTALU bearers aluminium, SIMPSON Bearers BTC, SIMPSON BTN bearers, SIMPSON BT4 bearers (4-row), JANE-TU hook in Support TU (JANETU)

SIMPSON Connecting bracket
SIMPSON Connecting bracket

SIMPSON Anchor strapes
SIMPSON BETA concrete anchors

SIMPSON Concrete angle brackets
SIMPSON concrete angle brackets ABL 75, SIMPSON concrete angle brackets ABL100, SIMPSON concrete angle brackets ABL15014, SIMPSON concrete angle brackets ABL15017, SIMPSON concrete angle brackets ABS10011

SIMPSON drive in basement sleeve
SIMPSON drive in basement sleeve PPJET

SIMPSON Cantilever brackets
Cantilever bracket GERW

SIMPSON HE-Anchors and Nails
HE-Anchors, Spikes for Nail-Plates

SIMPSON shank nails
Simpson shank nails

SIMPSON Knight brackets
SIMPSON Knight brackets KNAG

SIMPSON Connecting bracket complete
SIMPSON connecting brackets BNKK40/60 complete with screws, bolt and split pin

SIMPSON Steel straps / perforated nail plates
SIMPSON steel straps BAN 10 m, SIMPSON steel straps BAN 25 m, punched strips FB, practiclett, SIMPSON flat connectors FLV, Simpson perforated nail plate, SIMPSON Perforated nail plate strips NP

SIMPSON interference fit and equipment
Simpson interference fit ETB

SIMPSON Joist anchors
Joist anchor PFU, Joist anchor PFE

SIMPSON Column anchors
Column anchors, Type PPH, Column anchors, Type PPHB

SIMPSON Column shoes - anchor strap
SIMPSON Column shoe, Type PBK, Colum shoe, Type BL, SIMPSON column shoe PPU, Column shoe, Type DL, Column shoe, Type PLB, SIMPSON column bases PT 30 G, SIMPSON Column shoe, Type PU

SIMPSON Profile anchors
Profile anchors PROFA

SIMPSON Lumber brackets
SIMPSON lumber brackets EBR

SIMPSON Strap tighteners
SIMPSON strap tightener BANSTR-B, SIMPSON strap tightener BNSP40, SIMPSON strap tightener type BNSP60, SIMPSON strap tightener type BNSP80, SIMPSON Strap tightener BNSP4060-B complete with screws, bolt and split pin

SIMPSON Truss clip

SIMPSON Truss shoes
Truss shoes, Type SHB, Truss shoes, Type SHH

SIMPSON Purlin anchors
SIMPSON Purlin anchors, Type SPF left, SIMPSON Purlin anchors, Type SPF right, Purlin anchors, Type SPF left/ right

SIMPSON Column shoes
SIMPSON column bases CMR, Column shoe, Type PA, Column shoe, Type B, Column shoe, Type IS, Column shoe, Type ISB, SIMPSON Column shoe PISMAXIG, Column shoe, Type PB 70, Column shoe, Type PB 75, Simpson Column shoe,Type PB 80 with pressure plate, SIMPSON Support feet PPRC, Column shoe, Type PPS80G-B, Column shoe, Type Vario D, SIMPSON column shoe PVDB, Column shoe, Type Vario I, Column shoe, Type Vario IB, SIMPSON Post shoes PPA, SIMPSON column shoe DKB, SIMPSON column shoe JIB, SIMPSON column shoe PJPB

SIMPSON Column shoes
Column shoe, Type PPD, Column shoe, Type PIG-B 90 * 70, Column shoe, Type IL, SIMPSON Column shoe, Type PL

SIMPSON topbinder aluminium
SIMPSON top binder EL aluminium, SIMPSON top binder EL-S aluminium

SIMPSON stair bracket TA

SIMPSON U-Anchors and accessories
U - Anchors, SIMPSON U-shoes

SIMPSON Universal brackets
SIMPSON universal bracket UNI 190 left, SIMPSON universal bracket UNI 190 right, SIMPSON universal bracket UNI 100 left

SIMPSON washers
SIMPSON washers

SIMPSON Bracing straps and accessories
SIMPSON bracing straps (rolls) BAN, SIMPSON bracing strap connector BNWA, SIMPSON bracing strap connector BNWM, SIMPSON wind bracing connector BNW

SIMPSON Angle brackets
SIMPSON angle bracket 60280, SIMPSON Angle bracket AB without rib, SIMPSON angle bracket ABB, SIMPSON Angle connector ABR 100, -SIMPSON angleconnector ABR, SIMPSON angle joint with rib, SIMPSON angle bracket AC35350, SIMPSON Angle bracket AF90265, SIMPSON angle bracket ADR 6035, SIMPSON angle bracket ADR 6090, SIMPSON angle connector ADR6090L, SIMPSON angle bracket ADR 6292, SIMPSON angle bracket 90 x 48 x 3.0 x 48, SIMPSON angle bracket 90 x 48 x 3.0 x 76, SIMPSON angle bracket 90 x 48 x 3.0 x 116, SIMPSON angle bracket 40312, SIMPSON angle bracket 40412, SIMPSON angle bracket 40314, SIMPSON angle bracket 40414, SIMPSON angle bracket 60416, SIMPSON angle bracket 80416, SIMPSON angle bracket 99416, SIMPSON Angle bracket KR, Simpson Angle bracket KR-L, SIMPSON angle bracket AH16050, SIMPSON angle bracket AH9035, SIMPSON angle bracket 55365, SIMPSON angle bracket R 35350 stainless steel A4, Ribbed SIMPSON angle bracket A4, SIMPSON angle bracket AH, SIMPSON Angle/perforated nailplate 2,0 mm, SIMPSON Angle/perforated nailplate 2,5 mm, -SIMPSON angleconnector BNV 33, -SIMPSON angleconnector E20/3

SIMPSON Drag acnhors
SIMPSON Tension ties HTT, SIMPSON drag anchor HD

BOZETT bar-Z-profiles
BOZETT BOZETT bar profiles steel-SK sections

Bulldog wood conecting system
Wood connecting, system "Bulldog", Wood connecting, system "Bulldog" double side fixings purposes

wood connecting system
Washers type C 11 (one-sided) CE-konform, Disc dowels style C 10 (two sided) CE-konform

Ringkeildübel Type B1, one - sided, Ringkeildübel Type A1, two - sided


Rafter nails
Rafter nails

Round steel bars
Round steel plug CE-conform