Plugs, anchors and tools

JD-Multi-purpose plug
JD multi purpose plug with flange

JD-Suspensions nail
JD-Suspensions nail plug JD-DN 6

JD-Eye-bolt plug with hook
JD-Eye-bolt plug with eyelet S

JD-Multi purpose winged plug
JD-Multi purpose winged plug material Polyamid (nylon), Plastic multi purpose winged plug material Polyethylen (PE)

JD-Metal frame plug
JD-Metal frame plug with oval head, JD Metal frame plug with countersunk head, Plastic caps for metal frame plug 10 mm

JD-Nail plug
JD-speedplug countersunk mat. polyamid (nylon), , JD nail dowel cylinder head

Upat Express-Anchor
Bolt anchors EXA

Upat multicone Chemical anchor capsule
Fischer UMV multicone P16x125

fischer drills
fischer drill FZUB

fischer insulation support
Fischer insulation supports type DHK

fischer fixing
fischer fixing M, fischer fixing M-S, fischer S plug, Fischer expansion plug SX, fischer-SXR long-shaft fixing without screw, fischer universal plug UX-R

fischer hammerset anchor
Fischer hammerset anchors type EA

fischer setting tool
fischer setting tool FZE, fischer setting tool FZUE

fischer window frame fixing
Fischer window frame fixing F - S

fischer aircrete fixing
fischer twist lock anchor GB

fischer threaded rods
Fischer threaded rod type RGM, fischer anchor rods 5.8 RG M, Fischer threaded rod type RGM

fischer cavity metal fixing
Fischer rivet anchors type NA

fischer toggles
Fischer toggles, Fischer toggles

fischer metal frame fixings
Fischer Metal frame plug

Fischer Reaction cartridges
fischer Superbond reaction cartridge RSB

fischer nail fixings
fischer hammersfix N

fischer frame fixings
Fischer frame fixings type S R, Fischer frame fixings S RS with pozidriv Fischer safety screw, Fischer frame fixings S H RS, Fischer frame fixings S H R, fischer frame fixing S-RT

fischer heavy duty fixings
Fischer anchor bolt FAZ II, fischer - anchor bolt FAZ II A4, , Fischer heavy duty steel anchors type SLM

fischer safety screw
fischer safety screw SH-T, fischer safety screw with hexagon head, fischer safety screw with hexagon head, stainless steel AE, fischer safety screw SH-T A4

fischer allround fixing
fischer universal fixing FU

fischer universal frame fixing
fischer universal frame fixing FUR-T, fischer universal frame fixing FUR SS pre-assembled with hexagon head wood screw, fischer universal frame fixing FUR-T A4

Dry-wall dowel
Dry-wall dowel

TOX all-purpose dowels

Screw bit I-star, Screw bit T - Star, incl. pilot recess, Hexagon drill bits, Screw bit, short, for cross recess H, Screw bit, short for cross recess Z, Screw bits, long, for cross recess H, Screw bit, long, for cross recess Z, Screw bit for slots No. 800/1, 39 mm length, BITcheck, Cut-Case with SPAX Bits T-Star plus, Cut-case SPAX Bits T-Star plus length 50 mm (holders 5 pcs each, sorted)

twist drill
HSS-R twist drill type N

straddling dowel
Brass expanding dowel with exterior knurling