Window screw programme

window screws
JD-10 Window screws for plastic windows, gimlet point, special thread, countersunk head H, JD-10 SR Window screws for plastic windows raised countersunk head PH2 recess with sharp point, JD-11 Window screws for plastic windows, Hi-Lo thread, gimlet point, countersunk head H, JD-12 Window screws for plastic windows, Hi-Lo thread, countersunk head H, spoon point, JD-20 Window screws, countersunk head H, drill tip, JD-20 R Window screws, countersunk head with ribs, drill tip, JD-22 Window screws Pan head H, drill tip, JD-23 Window building screws countersunk head, metric thread, drill tip

window frame screws
frame screws FB-SK, countersunk head 11mm, I-star I30 (for plastic profiles), frame screws with cylinder head FB-ZK I-star (for wood profiles), frame screws, cylinder head ZK 8,5 mm and I-star I 30 (for wooden profiles), frame screws pan head FB-FK 13,5 mm and I-star I 30 for aluminium profile, wooden profile, PVC profile, window frame screw, cylindric head FB-ZK 11,5mm und I-star I40

boring screws GS
JD Nipple screws with cone point

Plastic caps for window frame screws I 30

Window sill screws
Recessed pan head tapping screws with assembled polyamide washer, sim. DIN 7981, cross recess H, stainless steel A2